Playboy Playmates

Playboy Playmates Mareshka and Hrisi playing together in Nudex Release 5

Are Mareshka and Hrisi real playboy playmates?

So, the answer is yes! Both are them are featured in the Playboy Magazine Bulgaria in February 2019! Mareshka is on the cover of the magazine, while Hrisi has a dedicated photo session for the magazine. By not doubt, both of the girls look stunning! Above all, they are very different from each other!

On the one hand, Mareshka is with long blonde hair, blue eyes and without any tattoos covering her body. A true goddess! On the other hand, Hrisi is brunette, short hair and covered in ink! The combination of the two girls together is by no doubt dangerous and unique!

What else to we know about the two?

Sparingly, both of the playmates are actually mothers! Yes, that is correct, they have managed to maintain their perfect bodies even after the birth of their children! Needless to say, they are actually pretty amazing people with crazy stories about their lives. If you meet them in real life, you will actually see that they are really down to earth people and not with the nose up like most of the Playboy Playmates!