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Does she Strip Dance outside of the world of Nudex?

Contrary to your initial thoughts, in her everyday life Georgina is not a Strip Dance Model! Actually, she is a nude erotic model based in Bucharest, Romania! She has numerous extremely sexy photo sessions with some amazing photographers and video makers! However, of course her best video is by AAFSHIT for!

What are Georgiana’s hobbies?

Apart from being a nude model, Georgiana has numerous other hobbies and interests! For example, she likes to read books! One of her favorite books is of course “Why Men Love Biches” by Sherry Argov! In short Georgiana know how she can revolutionize her relationship by refusing to give men all they want! She is also a very keen fan of the Lord Of the Rings book by J. R. R. Tolkien. Well, Georgiana might not be The Lord of the Rings but she is surely the queen of Nude Strip Dance!