Mareshka as Harley Quinn

Mareshka as Harley Quinn in Nudex Release 14

In addition of her performance as Harley Quinn, Mareshka Glushuk is as wild and unpredictable as the Comic Character! She is a professional model and has participated in Playboy- Playmate of the Year. As a result she reached the final and wins Miss PlayNet 2017. In 2018 she wins the title “sex symbol of the year” and in 2019 the titles “most popular person of the year”.

Mareshka in Playboy

She is also on the cover of Playboy Magazine in February 2019. Mareshka Glushuk is 23 years old and is a student in University of Economics in Varna. She likes to travel, enjoys reading and spending time with friends. Likewise she does not like to stay very long time in the same place and enjoys life to the fullest by always traveling around with her car to new places which she has not visited before