What I do

I create videos – directing, shooting, editing! You can check my work in this short reel on this page!
I have been working on different positions starting from a web & graphic designer create graphics and building some small websites over the years.
Even when this thing go well I really need do go farther and explore more and upgrade my skills. This that take me to the moment where I start to create some 3D animations and motion graphics.  Working whit great team over the years at videocopilot I have been involved in many inside projects also in some motion graphics and 3D FX for feature films.
Working in 3D video FX and using some physical tools like cameras and photo-cameras takes me to the stage where I start shooting some videos and by having this VFX background it was very easy to edit and to build my style in editing that I believe is unique.
This brings me right here wright now – directing, shooting & editing videos.

Current projects that I’m working on are: Nudex, AAFshit and AAF Creative.

AAF Creative

This is another project that I’m involved to. Corporate videos and totally different world from Nudex! Exploring the site you can see a lot of custom projects for hotels, restaurants & institutions.
Here you can check some of my favorite ones:


Here are some of the projects that I’m involved in and work on them dayli.

Feel free to take a look at each link and see more detailed information.